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Lasik and Laser Surgery

Post Cataract Laser Treatment

Post Cataract Yag Laser

After cataract surgery, your vision may become cloudy like it was when you had your cataract.  This is sometimes referred to as an "after cataract". Although it is not a cataract, it is a clouding of the capsule behind the implanted lens. The posterior capsule is a thin, clear film. Months or even years after cataract surgery, the capsule may become hazy white preventing a clear pathway for light to reach the retina. A safe, effective laser is used to clear an area of the capsule so light can once again focus on the retina. Yag laser treatment is quick and pain free and patients may resume normal daily activities later the same day. The laser treatment is performed in our surgery center located in Heritage Park, Rte 130, Sandwich, MA.

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