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General Eye Care

Cataract Testing/Evaluation

Inside the eyeball near the front, is a lens you were born with that is about the size of an aspirin tablet.  A cataract is a clouding of your lens, preventing light to pass thru and correctly focus on the retina resulting in hazy, blurred vision.  We do not know the cause of most cataracts.  Since many occur in elderly patients, we assume age and environment are part of the cause.  However, cataracts have been found in newborn infants and can occur after a blow to the eye or inflmmation inside the eye.

No glasses, pills,eye drops or injections will cure cataracts. 

Because of the difference in individuals and their lifestyle visual demands, there is no one answer to when is the right time to have your cataract removed.  During your exam at Associated Eye Surgeons, Dr. Townshend and Dr. Kriegstein will; evaluate your visual loss, diagnose the type of cataract, access the overall health of your eyes for surgical removal of your cataract, and discuss expected post-operative visual results.

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