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Eye Surgery

Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus is the medical term for misaligned eyes. In some patients, the eyes turn in. In others, the eyes turn out and in some, they turn up or down. Strabismus is a common eye condition that affects children and adults in up to 5% of the population.

In children younger than seven years of age, when one eye is misaligned, it is often "turned off" by the brain, so as not to cause visual confusion. The tendency for the brain to "turn off" an eye is called Amblyopia (most people have heard this condition referred to as a “lazy eye”).

In some children and adults, glasses are used to correct eye alignment while in others, it may be necessary to also undergo an operation to correct the misalignment. The goals of the surgery are to re-adjust the present ocular balance so that the brain is able to use both eyes together, to cosmetically improve the eyes, and to enhance their ability to move together. Dr. Townshends shares, "It is immensely rewarding to straighten a patient's eyes, whether a child or an adult, it makes them so happy."

Because of the complicated nature of eye alignment, it may take more than one operation to achieve the desired goals. The first step is to schedule an appointment so we can conduct an examination and discuss your treatment options.

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