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Retinal Re-attachment Surgery 

The retina, the nerve layer located at the back of the eye, senses light and sends images to your brain. "It is like a layer of saran wrap covering the inside of a ping pong ball", describes Dr. Kriegstein. A retinal detachment occurs when that nerve layer pulls away from its normal position causing loss of vision.

Almost all patients with retinal detachment require surgery to return the retina to its normal position.  The goal is to close retinal breaks to preserve vision.  The location, type of break, as well as size and duration of detachment are all factors in determining the type of repair performed. Although determined on a case by case basis, most often this procedure is done under local anesthesia allowing for a shorter time for patients in surgery and quicker post-operative recovery.  Some repairs are performed in our office after diagnosis during a dilated (pupils enlarged with an eye drop) eye exam. In other cases, it is necessary for the patient to be treated in our Ambulatory Surgery Center.

After your treatment, Dr. Kriegstein will prescribe the necessary medications and advise when you can return to normal activities.  You will be monitored closely during the healing process and vision may take many months to improve. A change in eyeglasses is often beneficial as you heal from re-attachment surgery. The more severe the detachment, the more visual loss may be experienced post operatively. For this reason, it is very important to see Dr. Kriegstein for a retina check at the first sign of any trouble.

Early symptoms, which may mean a retinal detachment is present, include flashing or lightening-like lights in vision, new floating spots or cobwebs in vision, or a shadow, curtain, or veil over a portion of your vision.

Only after careful examination can Dr. Kriegstein, diagnose and plan your treatment for retinal repair.

Every time I am in the office, the staff is pleasant and very helpful. Dr. Kriegstein is always professional and very approachable. His comforting demeanor is reassuring even when diagnosis and treatment are difficult.

— Brian
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